Boeing 777 General

Boeing 777 General

Boeing 777 General

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When does the NO SMOKING sign automatically illuminate?

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If a door is opened from the outside, the mode select lever automatically moves to the DISARMED position.

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Any time passenger oxygen is deployed, the FASTEN SEAT BELTS signs illuminate automatically, regardless of the selector position.

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When does the FASTEN SEAT BELTS sign automatically illuminate?

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What lights are turned on by the STORM light switch?

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The nose gear landing lights illuminate when the nose landing gear is not down and locked when the switch is ON.

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Moving the Flight DECK DOOR lock selector to DENY rejects keypad entry request and prevents further emergency access code entry for a time period.

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How long does the oxygen system inside the crew rest area provide oxygen?

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The masks automatically drop from the PSUs if cabin altitude exceeds approximately 14,000 feet.

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Interior Emergency Lighting - Interior emergency lighting consists of door, aisle, cross–aisle, escape path, exit lights, and luminescent exit signs. Battery powered exit lights are located:

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Which lights are turned to full bright by the STORM light switch?

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The Passenger Oxygen system does not provide oxygen to which of the following?

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What position should the UPR DSPL brightness control be selected to for a full range of control with the master bright system?

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Which one of the following lights is not controlled by the MASTER BRIGHTNESS switch?

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What is the required position of individual panel light or display brightness controls for the master bright system to have full range of control?

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What happens if you adjust an individual panel light brightness or display brightness control when the master bright system is ON?

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The overhead crew rest area should be occupied when the amber SUPPLY AIRFLOW OFF light is illuminated.

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EMERGENCY LIGHTING SYSTEM is powered by a fully charged battery for:

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What is the status of the nose gear landing lights when the NOSE LANDING light switch is ON but the nose landing gear is NOT down and locked? Select 2 Answers

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The FASTEN SEAT BELTS signs are not illuminated for which of the following when the switch is positioned to AUTO?

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