Boeing 777 Practice Exam B

Boeing 777 Practice Exam B

Boeing 777 Practice Exam B

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What is the maximum allowable crosswind for Cat 2 and Cat 3 autoland operations?

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From which page is the estimated fuel remaining at destination obtained?

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On which page would you prevent the FMC from using VOR/DME updating?

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What must be typed in the scratchpad to create a new waypoint located 15 miles along the 275 deg. radial from the Belfast (BEL) VOR?

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During a VNAV climb what speed is normally commanded by the FMC above speed transition altitude?

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On which page would you enable/disable use of GPS for navigation?

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To where is data entered on the right FMS-CDU sent?

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How is a message in the scratchpad cleared?

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You are currently looking at Legs page 5 to 7. Which page will be displayed if you now press the Legs button?

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What is the indication of a SELCAL call to the aircraft?

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Your PFD is displaying an amber LDG ALT flag. When will this be removed?

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How is the Caution beeper silenced?

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When are the Master Caution lights and beeper inhibited?

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On the PFD, how will a Vertical Speed of 500ft/min up be shown?

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What happens to primary engine indications if the upper display unit fails?

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Which display units are normally controlled by the Display Select Panel?

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The ND is in Map Mode, with Airports de-selected. Which airport(s) are displayed?

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You are landing a 777 in Cat 3 weather on a category (L) runway. After touchdown should you disengage the autopilot?

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At 1500R on an automatic approach, LAND 2 is annunciated. What visual reference would you need at decision height?

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Visual reference is lost below the decision height on a 777 Cat 3a approach. What should you do?

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For a reported RVR of 75 metres and a centreline light spacing of 15m, what is the minimum number of centreline lights you would be able to see?

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What is the decision reference for Cat 2 and 3 operations?

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What colour are taxiway stopbar lights?

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For Cat 3b operations a pilot may not continue an approach below the decision height unless he has which of the following in sight?

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Where can the RVR requirements for a PVD assisted take off be found?

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Where are Time Critical Warnings displayed?

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How can you differentiate between Caution and Advisory messages?

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An EICAS Caution message is at the top of the list of Caution/Advisory messages? What does this mean?

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When will the Ram Air Turbine (RAT) automatically deploy?

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What electrical supply(s) is required to feed the entire aeroplane AC electrical load without load shedding?

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If both Transfer buses are lost, what is the first backup source to power the captain's flight instrument bus?

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The main battery provides standby power to the following:

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When will a backup generator power one or both transfer buses?

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How is the fuel freeze temperature entered?

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When is each centre tank pump switch PRESS light inhibited?

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What is normally used for the thrust setting parameter on GE90 powered aircraft?

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During climb with the EECs in normal mode, what will happen if the thrust levers are manually positioned forward?

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Why is it necessary to monitor engine oil pressure during an autostart?

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If the source of engine vibration is unknown, the Secondary Engine display will show what indication?

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How is APPROACH idle selected?

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What indications provide warning of a 'Stuck On' VHF/HF transmitter?

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When may the maximum manoeuvring speed indication be displayed on the PFD?

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In which form is Vertical Speed displayed on the PFD?

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What form does the slip indicator take?

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With the Air Data/Attitude source switches in the ALTN position

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What is the maximum range at which weather radar turbulence returns can be displayed?

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What comprises the ATC transponder system?

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What does the PFD autothrottle annunciation display when the TO/GA switch is pressed once to carry out a go-around?

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During climb with no altitude constraints, what happens if the altitude selector on the MCP is pushed with the altitude window set above the FMC cruise altitude?

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How can VNAV be disengaged?

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When is the go-around function of TO/GA mode armed?

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What is the lowest altitude at which you can disengage the approach made by pushing the APP switch a second time?

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In which mode will the autothrottle engage when the TO/GA switch is pushed for take-off?

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What does the PFD autothrottle annunciation display during a FLCH climb?

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When using the DESCEND NOW feature before top-of-descent, what will be the initial autothrottle mode?

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In flight, what happens if the Centre hydraulic system quantity is sensed to be low?

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When will the RAT deploy automatically?

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What effect does the landing gear lever have on Alternate gear extension?

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When steering the aircraft using rudder pedals only, at what point will main gear steering activate?

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What happens when the flight controls are operating in the Secondary mode?

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With the aircraft in landing configuration and 'SLATS PRIMARY FAIL' being the only message displayed, which of the following is available?

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The alternate pitch trim levers will, if operated, do which of the following?

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Where are the aileron trim indicators?

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How can Thrust Asymmetry Compensation (TAC) be disconnected?

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During extension, in which mode(s) do slat movements precede flap movements?

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Prior to the first engine start, how should the engine bleed switches be configured?

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When will the pack shut down, if operating in 'Standby Cooling Mode'?

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Where is the temperature level for each individual zone set?

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When is bleed air supplied by the high-pressure section of the engine?

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During normal operation, where does the outflow take place?

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Where does landing altitude barometric pressure correction come from?

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In automatic mode, where is the landing altitude for the pressurisation system taken from?

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What indications on the EICAS display show that an outflow valve is under manual control?

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How is heating supplied for the forward cargo compartment?

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How is the bulk cargo compartment heated?

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When is automatic ice detection inhibited?

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Where is the wing anti-ice annunciation displayed?

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What does the Engine Fire Extinguisher system consist of?

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What does the wheel well fire detection system consist of?

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What action would you take if the caption 'OFFSCALE' appeared on the ND?

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Which category or categories of TCAS traffic will generate voice aural alerts?

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What is the maximum landing tailwind component for a slippery runway?

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In flight, what would you suspect if the fuel temperature display turned amber?

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What is maximum crosswind for take-off and landing for a dry runway?

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What is the maximum Take-off and Landing Altitude?

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What limit protection is retained when the EEC operates in the Hard Alternate mode?

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What must be annunciated to carry out a Cat 3A – (DH below 100 feet but not less than 50 feet) automatic approach and landing?

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In Primary mode, what is the complete flap setting range that the load relief facility is operative?

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During taxi for take-off a system malfunction occurs. What would be your considerations regarding the MEL?

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What is MMO above 30,000 feet to the aircraft ceiling?

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What is the minimum height for engagement of the autopilot after takeoff?

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What is the maximum takeoff and landing tailwind component?

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What is the Maximum Operating Altitude capability, at LRC, for an aircraft weight of 270,000kgs at 1.3G margin to initial buffet?

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After engine failure, what is the level off pressure altitude for an aircraft weight of 260,000kgs at ISA +15°C?

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From when is trip fuel (TIF) calculated?

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What is the Reserve fuel figure based upon?

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What is the maximum value of TODA equal to?

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What is the length of an airfield CLEARWAY equal to?

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What is the length of the Stopway?

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What is the length of the Clearway?

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Due to significant windshear, a Full Power take-off is required. Which of the following fields must be filled in on the CARD Performance Request?

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You have received a CARD datalink error 'PERF CORRS' after uplinking a performance data request. What would be the reason?

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Anti-icing will be required in the climbout. What would you enter in the performance request?

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The CARD system has not responded to a request. What would you do first?

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What is the Maximum Landing Weight at Athens on runway 03R at 30 flap slippery, zero headwind?

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What is the threshold elevation for Athens runway 03R?

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The (B) under Rwy 07 at Barcelona indicates that the runway is suitable for an automatic approach, but with which of the following qualifiers?

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Airfield Data for B777-76B at LONDON HEATHROW.
(STRUCTURAL LIMIT FOR T/O is 242.7T)What is the Take-Off Performance Limit (TOPL) Weight for this take-off?

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What is the Basic Index of G-VIIA?

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What items comprise the Actual Zero Fuel Weight?

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How much fuel will be used from take-off on the LHR-DXB sector?

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What action is required if the letters RF are showing next to a hydraulic system quantity on the status page?

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What action would you take with the Cargo Temperature selectors if live animals were to be carried in the bulk cargo?

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Which bus can be powered on the ground only?

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What will be the indication against a low (below 0.4) hydraulic quantity on the STATUS page?

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Where is the APU Ground Control Fire Protection Panel located?

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What are the memory items in response to the warning STABILIZER?

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After completing an Emergency Descent due to excessive cabin altitude, how is the boom microphone reselected?

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For an in-flight cross-bleed engine start, where is the recommended procedure found? In the .....

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With the BRAKE SOURCE light illuminated, what braking is available for landing?

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Where is the Fuel Jettison procedure located?

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During a normal Flaps 5 (from 1) extension, the flap indicator turns amber. What does this indicate?

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What is the first action to be taken if airspeed is deemed to be unreliable?

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In flight, after two extinguishers discharge into the forward cargo compartment, when are the remaining bottles discharged?

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