Boeing 777 Practice Test C

Boeing 777 Practice Exam C

Boeing 777 Practice Exam C

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How can memo messages be viewed if the EICAS display message area is full with Cautions and Advisories?

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What is indicated if STATUS appears on the EICAS display?

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When the APU generator becomes available, what will it automatically override?

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Which of the following can all be powered from the Ground Service Bus?

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When an engine is started, what action is required to connect the IDG to its respective bus assuming the control switch is ON?

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What is the inflight priority order for powering the L & R AC main buses?

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When does the backup electrical system automatically power one or both transfer buses?

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What are the centre tank pump pressures relatively to the main tank pump pressures?

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Where is fuel used displayed?

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Pushing the Fuel Jettison ARM switch initialises fuel to remain at which of the following aircraft weights?

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Which of the following are normally displayed on the EICAS display?

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If the engine start/ignition control switch is at CON, when will the ignitors operate?

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Which of the following EICAS alert messages has associated recall items?

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During Autostart, what will placing the FUEL CONTROL switch to RUN do?

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Which statement is true with regard to the EECs operating mode?

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Where is the ILS DME distance displayed?

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Which of the following, lists all of the ND mode displays capable of showing weather radar returns?

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What does the light between the frequency windows on the left Radio Tuning Panel indicate?

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With a Heading Reference switch at NORM, what is the reference for the PFD and the ND?

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How is the PFD BARO setting normally adjusted?

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Which CDU page is used to inhibit GPS from providing FMC position updates?

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What message will appear on the CDU scratchpad if a new aeroplane present position entry fails the internal check twice?

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Provided it is armed before take-off, at what height should LNAV engage?

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In VNAV, with the window altitude set below the cruise altitude, when would the descend now (DES NOW) feature activate with a press of the MCP altitude selector? Within .....

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In Flight Level Change mode, what is the annunciation for pitch during descent?

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What will happen if the IAS/MACH reference switch is pushed above 0.4 Mach?

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When TO/GA is armed, under which of the following conditions would the autothrottle fail to engage with a push of either TO/GA switch?

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If the aircraft deviates more than 200 ft from the selected altitude to what colour will the current altitude box on the PFD change?

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When is altitude deviation alerting inhibited?

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What is the range available in the V/S window?

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What action will cause the shutoff valves in the Left or Right hydraulic systems to close?

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When selected ON, the Right system Demand Pump operates:-

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How is the BRAKE SOURCE light extinguished?

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With RTO selected, if the takeoff is rejected at 90 knots, automatic braking will be applied on selection of which of the following?

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How are the Primary Flight Computers (PFCs) disconnected?

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In which of the following flight control modes is yaw damping available?

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Which of the following will occur after several degrees of control wheel displacement?

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In normal mode in the air, pitch trim inputs from the wheel trim switches results in:-

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Which EICAS message will appear if the primary flight control system is operating in the secondary mode?

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What happens to the slats/flaps when secondary mode automatically engages as flap 5 is selected from flap 1?

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How is leak isolation achieved following a 'BLEED LEAK' message?

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How is cabin temperature controlled if both cabin temperature controllers fail?

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From where is the flight deck conditioned air directly supplied?

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Why should flight time at low altitude be minimised with the equipment cooling system in the override mode?

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When reaching a planned altitude level off which is part of an FMS selected departure, what will happen to the cabin altitude?

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How is the target cabin altitude achieved for takeoffs from a field elevation of above 8000 ft?

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When the normal cabin differential pressure of approximately 8.6 psi is reached, what is the cabin rate based on?

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Which flight deck windows have exterior surface anti-icing protection in addition to window heat?

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If the APU Fire Switch remains locked after a fire warning, how can you unlock the switch?

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What is the total number of fire extinguisher bottles available for the engines?

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When the PFD is providing RA vertical guidance, what should you do?

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What is the maximum landing weight for the 'IGW' version aircraft?

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What is the maximum Zero Fuel Weight for the 'IGW' version aircraft?

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What does the amber band on the PFD airspeed scale indicate?

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If the cabin altitude rises above the normal range, how is this initially indicated on the EICAS pressurisation indications?

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What is the maximum allowable glideslope angle for a category 2 or 3 automatic landing?

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What is represented by the red line on the NI gauge?

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In Primary mode, for which range of flap settings is the Autoslat operation armed?

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Up to what altitude can APU bleed air be used?

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What is automatically displayed on the MFD if the left engine vibration exceeds its predetermined limit during flight?

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In which modes does the SLAT load relief operate?

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What is the turbulent air penetration speed below 25000 feet?

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What position will the slats move to, if you are approaching the stall, with flap 1 selected and Autoslats working normally?

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What is the optimum altitude capability at LRC, for an aircraft weight of 290,000 kgs?

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After engine failure, what is the level off pressure altitude for an aircraft weigh of 260,000 kgs at ISA +20 oC?

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Taxi Fuel is the fuel allowance for:-

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What is the Required Fuel (REQ) figure based upon?

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V1 must not be less than ...

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What is the length of an airfield STOPWAY equal to?

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For a departure NOT involving a change of direction exceeding 15 degrees, at what height must obstacles in the Net T/O Flight Path be cleared by?

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What must V1 be greater than?

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When should reduced thrust take-off data NOT be used?

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What error message will appear on the CARD up-link message if an EST TOW was not entered on the CARD DATALINK request?

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Intersection take-off performance data is required. What would you enter in the CARD DATALINK request?

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If flap 15 were required for take-off, which of the following performance correction codes would you enter in the CARD DATALINK request?

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What is the Maximum Landing Weight for Athens runway 03L at 30 flap, slippery, 5kt tailwind?

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The (B) under Rwy 07 at Barcelona indicates that the runway is suitable for an automatic approach, with a disengage height of:-

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What is the threshold elevation for Athens runway 03L?

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Airfield Data for B777-76B at LONDON HEATHROW
oC (STRUCTURAL LIMITED TO T/O is 242.7T)What is the Take-Off Performance Limited (TOPL) Weight for this take-off?

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What is the Basic Index of G-VIIA?

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What items comprise the Actual Landing Weight?

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What action should be taken following the receipt of a 'REVISIONS TO' message due to a change in trim?

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What does the letter 'L' on the Zero Fuel Weight indicate?

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What is the Dry Operating Index of G-V111A?

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When is the Ground Service Bus powered?

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How many gear lock pins are there for the 777?

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Which figure correctly shows the MACTOW that would be entered into the FMC?

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What is the first action to be taken if airspeed is deemed to be unreliable?

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What is the correct action in response to the warning FIRE APU?

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What is the second action of the Engine Fire procedure?

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On the approach, with the BRAKE SOURCE light illuminated, what braking is available?

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With Flaps at 20, when RET is selected using the Alternate Flaps selector, which surfaces move?

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In flight, what action is required (if any) if the EICAS warning message STABILIZER appears?

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Following a cabin depressurisation, you don your mask, establish communications and check the cabin rate. What is your next action?

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When is it NOT necessary to press the Engine Fire Override Switches before pulling the Engine Fire Switches?

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For Cat 3a operations how many elements of the approach light system must be identified and kept in view?

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How far from the end of the runway do the centre line lights change from alternating white and reds to just reds?

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An aircraft is making an approach to land in fog. At what point during this approach is a taxying aircraft not allowed into the localiser sensitive area?

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On approach below 1,000 ft AAL but before decision height, an RVR change occurs. What is the correct action to take?

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An Autoland may be carried out on runways with the following status codes:-

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What effect does the use of the PVD have on the landing RVR requirements?

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PVD may be used during which phases of flight?

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Prior to take off in Low Visibility conditions, the visibility must be checked from the flightdeck. With 15m spacing, how many centre line lights must be visible for an RVR requirement of 75m?

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What is cancelled by pushing a Master Caution reset switch following a Caution alert?

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On the PFD, where is Radio Altitude displayed?

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Which messages can the CANC/RCL switch remove?

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When are the Master Warning lights and fire bell inhibited?

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You want to view Terrain and Weather Radar information at the same time. How do you do this?

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The L INBD Display Selector is at 'EICAS'. What other displays can be selected from the display select panel?

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What happens if the EICAS screen fails when the ELEC synoptic is on the Lower Centre MFD?

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When you select STA on your EFIS Control Panel, which navaid stations are displayed on your ND?

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Which page will be displayed if the INIT REF key is pushed in the cruise?

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When the FMC fuel calculations differ from the actual fuel quantity, which message will be displayed?

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On which CDU page is an OFFSET routing selected?

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What is displayed if the DEP/ARR mode key is pressed immediately after take-off?

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In Alternate Navigation, how would you tune the Right VOR?

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What will be displayed if a waypoint identifier is entered with more than one geographic location in the database?

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You are in the hold. 'EXIT HOLD' is then selected and executed. What will FMS direct the aircraft to do?

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You need to report 10 miles short of waypoint ABC. How would you put this point into the FMC?

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Which quantity indication is available on STATUS display?

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